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April has discovered her abilities at age 5th. Soon her mother and grandmother introduced her to spiritual Guides where she felt her straight for the first time. As she was growing up at age 16th, April had completed her Spiritual Quest and Mastered; Psychic, Palm Reading, Cristal Reading, Tarot.


With a 6th generation psychic handed down and the abilities to help others gain information about possible future events through her heightened perception of the spiritual guides around her. She specialize in several areas including:  Love Money Health Happiness Finances Family and others. Allow to illuminate her abilities and show you what is ahead in your future. Well known for guiding people when it comes to love and reuniting lovers. Helping  many clients to create their own destiny and true path stays as one of her strongest gifts.

Awards & Nominations:

Being able to help so many souls each and every day of her life has been a quiet experience for herself.

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